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Choosing Kidnes OÜ is not just choosing another accounting service. It is a decision that opens the door for your business to a world of financial clarity and legal certainty.

That's why the choice should fall on us:

Personalized approach -

We know that every business is unique. So instead of one-size-fits-all solutions, we offer customized advice and services that are precisely tailored to your needs.

Wide range of services

From accounting to legal advice, we cover all aspects necessary to run a successful business in Estonia, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Expertise and experience -

Our team is made up of highly qualified professionals with 15 years of experience with in-depth knowledge of accounting, taxation and law. This ensures that your business is in safe hands.

Transparency and Integrity -

We value our clients' trust and always act openly and honestly, ensuring full transparency in all processes and decisions.

Training and Support -

Kidnes not only provides services, but also shares knowledge through specialized accounting training programs, enabling you and your team to increase competence and autonomy in finance and management issues

By choosing Kidnes OÜ, you get not just a service, but a reliable partner focused on achieving your business goals.

Important: Consultations are not included in the “Basic” package.

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Areas in which our experts can help you:

If you need something specific – contact us and we’ll be happy to help you.

Our mission

Our education and experience allow us to provide a wide range of accounting, bookkeeping and financial analysis services. Each business has its specifics, and we make sure to take a personalized approach to each client.

We are always committed to long-term partnerships and understand that each client can have a specific issue to resolve. The cost of our services is always up for discussion. Together we will definitely find a mutually advantageous solution.

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Accounting outsourcing - an effective solution for your business

In today’s world, effective bookkeeping is the key to the success of any company. KIDNES is an outsourcing accounting company that offers a full range of accounting services in Estonia. Our team of highly qualified specialists is ready to take over all routine processes and ensure the reliability of your financial data.

Our company, KIDNES, specializes in providing a full range of outsourced accounting services. We work with a variety of business sectors, including retail, restaurant and hospitality, information technology, medical and health care, educational organizations, real estate and construction, export and import companies, marketing and advertising agencies, creative industries, as well as cryptocurrency and blockchain companies.

We are committed to providing reliable and high quality accounting services, focusing on the unique needs of each client within their area of business.

When you contact our highly skilled remote bookkeeping professionals, you will receive guaranteed quality services. We cover the full range of accounting services, allowing you to focus your time and efforts on the more important aspects of running your business.

Our team of professionals has a high level of competence in accounting and taxation in Estonia. We guarantee reliable and timely maintenance of financial records, as well as provide qualified advice on all matters related to accounting in Estonia.

By contacting us, you can be sure that your financial transactions are carried out in full compliance with Estonian legislation. Our experience and professionalism allow us to provide the highest quality accounting services. We work so that you can focus on the development of your business by entrusting us with all accounting issues.

We realize that effective bookkeeping is an important aspect of a successful business. Therefore, our company strives to provide our clients with the most convenient and efficient accounting service solutions in Estonia.

Accounting outsourcing: prices and advantages

Outsourcing accounting is an effective way to reduce the cost of financial accounting. Many entrepreneurs avoid turning to professionals for fear of the high cost of services. However, the prices for outsourcing accounting services in Estonia are usually more affordable than maintaining your own accounting staff.

The advantages of outsourcing accounting are great. Firstly, a company specializing in providing accounting services has a wider experience and knowledge in the field of taxation and financial accounting. This makes it possible to comply with all the rules and requirements of Estonian legislation.

Secondly, outsourcing accounting saves time and effort for entrepreneurs. They can fully focus on developing their business without worrying about the correctness of accounting. Time is also saved by not having to train their own accountant.

Thirdly, outsourcing accounting provides reliable protection against errors in financial reporting. Professional accountants thoroughly check all documents and identify possible inaccuracies, which allows you to avoid fines and problems with the tax authorities.

It is important to note that outsourcing accounting is not a luxury, but a real necessity for effective business management in modern conditions. Prices for outsourcing accounting services are often more favorable than maintaining your own accounting staff.

Prices for accounting services: Saving you money

The issue of pricing is important for many entrepreneurs. As a rule, prices for accounting services are formed on the basis of the amount of work and the complexity of accounting.

One of the best solutions in this situation may be outsourcing accounting. Here it is important to understand what prices for accounting services are offered. It should be noted that outsourcing accounting provides many advantages.

One of the main arguments in favor of outsourcing is a significant saving of finances, saving time and resources to train your own staff. Comparing the costs of maintaining your own accountant and the services of an outsourcing company, you will immediately appreciate the difference. With outsourcing, you pay only for the actual services rendered, without spending money on salaries, taxes and staff training.

Example: Imagine not having to hire and train your own accountant. This will save you not only time, but also money.

Accounting outsourcing company specializes specifically in accounting, which guarantees high professionalism and quality of services. Thanks to our experience in working with various companies, our accountants are familiar with the peculiarities of different areas of business and can provide competent recommendations.

Example: If your company has specific accounting peculiarities (e.g. accounting for cryptocurrency), our outsourcing company has experience in this area and is ready to offer a solution.

Accounting services in Estonia: Accountant in Estonia

In today’s world, especially when it comes to business in Estonia, it is important to have a reliable accountant in Estonia. In order to operate successfully, you need to pay attention to the importance of proper accounting support. An accountant in Estonia is not just a performer, but a reliable partner who will help to navigate through all the nuances of accounting.

An experienced specialist will help to keep records and prepare the necessary accounting documents. Effective management of the enterprise is impossible without a competent accountant. It is he who takes care of the correct accounting.

Finding a competent accountant in Estonia is the key to effective management of company finances. A professional with experience in the local environment will help to avoid tax and legal mistakes.

Example: An experienced accountant in Estonia not only keeps records, but also provides valuable advice on tax optimization.

Tip: Regular communication with an accountant helps you react quickly to changes in the company’s financial situation.

Cryptocurrency accounting: current recommendations

In a world of rapidly changing technology, cryptocurrencies are becoming an increasingly important asset, a popular form of investment and means of settlement. We understand that for many businesses it is important to properly account for cryptocurrency transactions. Proper cryptocurrency accounting requires specific knowledge and skills. We offer you expert cryptocurrency accounting services, ensuring that your financial data is handled correctly and securely.

Our team has expertise in cryptocurrency accounting and is ready to provide you with a comprehensive solution to properly record and analyze your cryptocurrency transactions. We keep abreast of the latest changes in legislation and business practices to provide you with up-to-date and reliable guidance.

With us, you can be sure that your cryptocurrency accounting complies with all legal requirements and ensures reliability and transparency of your transactions.

Optimizing costs and taxes: our advice for your business

We understand that for a successful business it is important not only to keep accounting records efficiently, but also to optimize expenses and taxes. Our experts are ready to provide you with accounting assistance, valuable advice and recommendations to minimize tax payments and optimize business processes.

We analyze your accounting information, financial statements and business processes to identify potential areas for savings. Our recommendations are always tailored to your specific business needs and strategic goals.

With us, you can rest assured that your business is operating as financially efficient as possible. We provide you with not only accounting support, but also a partnership in achieving your business goals.

We ensure that your rights and interests are protected in all financial transactions and relationships with counterparties.

We provide advice on the legality and validity of accounting documents, as well as help resolve possible disputes and conflicts with tax authorities.

With us you can be sure that your business operates in strict compliance with the law of accounting and is protected from legal risks. We provide you not only accounting support, but also legal support.