KYC/AML/TCS services
We offer the following services
  • KYC/AML/TCS officer services (800€ per month)
  • Development of internal KYC/AML/TCS procedural rules (price by agreement)
  • Conducting and documenting KYC/AML/TCS risk assessment (price by agreement)

Our experts will evaluate your activities and prepare a complete set of documentation to meet the requirements of the AML/TCS legislation of the Republic of Estonia. If necessary, we will update the existing procedures and advise on the application of the compiled documents.

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Company Registration
  • Registration of companies for both residents and non-residents of Estonia
  • Provision of juridical address and contact person
Register a company
Accounting services
Provision of accounting services:
  • Verification and processing of primary documents
  • Calculation of sick leave
  • Preparation of personnel documentation
  • Other accounting services
Formation of reports:
  • Annual report, balance sheet and others
  • Drawing up of declarations and their submission to the Tax Department
  • Compiling statistical reports and submitting them to the Department of Statistics
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Juridical services:
Family law:
  • Guardianship
  • Alimony
  • Dissolution of marriage
  • Division of joint property of the spouses
  • Conclusion of a marriage contract
Inheritance Law:
  • Issues related to the devolution of property on an heir or heirs, division of inheritance and others.
Law of Obligations:
  • Issues related to the regulation of rights and duties arising between individuals.
  • Labor law
  • Bankruptcy law
  • Commercial law
  • Accountancy
  • Executive proceedings
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Other services
Web Consultation
Notary services
Drawing up a business plan
Financial analysis of enterprises
IT services