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About us

Founded in 2013 by team of specialists. We provide full business support for legal entities and required support & protection for individuals.

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Anna Shendik


Our work is based on the personal approach to each client. We analyse features of the client’s business, delving into the essence of the problem, what allows us to understand the causes of appeared difficulties and select effective ways to solve them. Our main principles consist in getting work done in time, in confidential way and guarantee high quality.


Working with Us

Wide range of services

Registration of package with primary documents, opening of firms, support during tax inspection, juridical support, etc.

Cost savings

Instead of keeping a full-time staff team, you pay only for services you need and get stable results at no extra costs

Top experts

You will work with professionals with 10 years of experience in the field of accounting and taxation, any question can be answered

Remote work

Don’t waste time on visits or transfers of documents, send us a photo of documents via email, and we will provide a solution to your problem online

Loyalty to customers

We always find ways to solve problems of high complexity for the client at any time, moreover we speak three languages: Estonian, Russian, English